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In The Beginning...

And 20 plus years later…

The Jewish Lesbian Group of Victoria began in 1992, when three Jewish Lesbian friends got together to organise a workshop for Jewish Lesbians, as part of the Lesbian Festival being held in Melbourne that year. The turnout to the workshop was phenomenal, filling the room with warmth, laughter and tears of recognition and relief. We knew we had to keep on meeting! So our group began...

Since then, we have kept meeting regularly. Mostly, we meet in each others homes. But also, we have social meetings at restaurants, cafes, theatre etc. We celebrate the Jewish festivals together. The Jewish Lesbian Group of Victoria has worked consistently and successfully to create significant change in Jewish, Lesbian, Feminist and LGBTQI communities around Australia.

'It's Who We Are" is being shown at the Classic Cinema!Its
                          Who We Are

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In 2012 we celebrated our 20th anniversary! Part of our celebrations included the planning, fund-raising, production and editing of a half-hour documentary film, “It’s Who We Are – Celebrating 20 Years of the Jewish Lesbian Group of Victoria”, which tells our remarkable story.  

Now in 2014, our film is ready to be screened at Jewish and LGBTI film festivals around the world. We will be posting regular news about our film on our facebook pages:

For news and updates on our film, go to FB Logo ”It’s Who We Are” page

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You can read our Press Kit which is being sent to film festivals as part of our submissions.

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For more information, please ring Karen : 0419 576 764 or Shauna: 0411 812 282.
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