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Photo Collection

To see photos from some of our past activities, please go the web albums below. Recent photos are regularly posted on our JLGV fblogo page.

We are currently seeking funding to be able to add historical photos here.

20th Anniversary Dinner - new*

21st Anniversary Dinner - new*

JLGV at the 2011 Melbourne Pride March

2009 Passover Dinner

JLGV 15th Birthday

JLGV at Pride March in Melbourne

2011 Pride Marcg=h

JLGV Members at Pride March 2011

JLGV members and Miriam
JLGV members and Miriam Margolyes
JLGV members at Concert in the Park
Joan Nestle
Joan Nestle at NY Lesbian Archives
Joan and Stacey
Joan Nestle and Stacey
JLGV members
Karen, Julie, Jeanette and Alex at White Lotus
JLGV stall at Concert in the Park
JLGV meeting
Rainbow Alex
Sue Leigh and Lea

Sue Leigh and Lea at White Lotus

                                  Mardi Gras
Alex and Sandra with the JLGV banner at Mardi Gras.
                                  Lesbian Group Vic
Group members celebrating JLGV 15th Anniversary.




For more information, please ring Karen : 0419 576 764 or Shauna: 0411 812 282.
Alternatively, email us :


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