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About Us

We are your daughters, your mothers, even your grandmothers. We are makhers in the Jewish communities. We are activists in the Lesbian communities. Some of us are Ashkenaz; some are Sephardi; some are Sabras. Some of us are Orthodox; some are Liberal, some of us are secular. Some of us speak Yiddish, some of us speak Hebrew; most of us speak English. Some of us are in our early twenties; some of us are in our sixties; and, some of us are in-between. Some of us were born in Australia ; some were born overseas. Some of us are lesbian feminists; some of us are bisexual; and, some of us are transgender. Some of us grew up in exclusively Jewish environments; some of us only had a Jewish father; and, some of us discovered we are Jewish only later in life. Our group is very diverse. Together we are all colours of the rainbow.

How we define Jewish Lesbian...
We don't. We don't wish to be in judgement of others. We don't feel there is any ‘right' or ‘wrong' way of being either Jewish or Lesbian, or both. Any woman who identifies as Jewish and Lesbian is welcome.

For the more discreet
Our meetings are confidential. If you are just coming out, approaching us for the first time, or a bit shy, you can arrange to meet a few members at first.

For Yiddishe Mammas
If childcare costs make it difficult for you to attend our meetings, we can help out. To arrange for JLGV to subsidise childcare, please call Sara on 9532 4030.

Disability access
Please contact us to ensure that we meet your access needs.

For non-Jewish partners and friends
We regularly hold meetings and functions that are open to non-Jewish partners and friends, including some functions with other groups for culturally diverse lesbians. We also organise some functions where non-Lesbians are welcome. These include occasional functions with Aleph Melbourne Jewish Gay Men's Group and with Keshet Australia".

Keeping in touch
Using email, our members receive a regular update that reports on our recent activities and lists forthcoming activities, gives information about relevant Jewish festivals, and also includes interesting news and articles from local, interstate and overseas media.

Contributions from members to the email update are welcome.

You can email us directly for details on becoming a member. Contact details can be found below.

Some of this information can now also be found on our JLGV fblogo page. Contributions and comments from members are welcome there too.


For more information, please ring Karen : 0419 576 764 or Shauna: 0411 812 282.
Alternatively, email us :


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